About Us

Justbot aims to help applicants and their lawyers improve the quality of their applications to the European Court of Human Rights. Since 2014, over 30% of the applications processed by the Court were rejected as incomplete in the pre-judicial phase, and of those entering the judicial phase, only 5% reached the stage of receiving a judgement, while the large majority was declared inadmissible or struck out of the list. The development of Justbot is planned over several years and in several phases. In the first phase, this project provides a digital tool in English that automates the standard procedure and provides help along the way. In later phases, we aim to integrate different language versions and algorithms to automate the writing process.

Justbot is based on a partnership between Technology for Human Rights (Tech-R) and the Center for Experiential Legal Learning (CELL) at the Faculty of Law, University of Oslo.

Technology for Human Rights (Tech-R) is a non-profit organisation founded by graduates of the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights (UiO) and Informatics Institute (UiO). Tech-R is dedicated to finding ways of using technology for the protection and fulfilment of human rights, and this project is an important step in fulfilling our mission.

The Center for Experiential Legal Learning (CELL) is a centre of excellence in education at the Faculty of Law (UiO) and it supports projects that combine law and technology.
We would like to thank Lovdata/SERI for financial support and to the staff and students at the Norwegian Center for Human Rights for their cooperation in testing the digital form and providing their feedback. We would like to extend our gratitude to Erik Møse, former judge at the European Court of Human Rights, Kjetil Mujezinovic Larsen, professor of human rights at the Faculty of Law and Luca Tosoni, Phd. fellow in cybersecurity law at SERI for their contribution to the improvement of Justbots digital form.

We are open to new partners joining as the project moves forward. If you are interested in collaborating with us, you can reach us by email at justbot@tech-r.org .


The Tech-R team working on this project is led by Lelia Marcau, who designed Justbot’s architecture and content. Kumar Aman developed the website and created the algorithms which generate the printable application form and Nina Pupalova carried out a full legal text review. Nabil Ouhi designed our logo and the graphics of the website, and Dan Costin is working on developing natural language processing algorithms that will help improve the quality of the applications to the ECtHR.


The CELL team is led by Professor Malcolm Langford, who fundraised for the project and provided guidance throughout Justbot’s development. Ph.D. Runar Lie provided legal, technical and graphic design advice, and Professor Tobias Mahler provided advice on privacy and data protection.
Andra Matei, former lawyer at the European Court of Human Rights undertook the legal quality assurance for our digital form.